Noel’s Inventions

Bus Seat Child
Garden Chair Cover
Rat Catcher
Rolling Container
Block Paving Guide/Edge
Remote Control Finder
Swirl Microphone Volume Control
Mirrored Watch
Magnetic Window Cleaner
Bin Bag Holder
Electric Car Noise Maker
Vectrum Air Bag Seats
Steamed Plate Cleaner
Voice Password Activated Phone
Map Lamination With Black Chinagraph
Salt Dispenser [Pinch]
The Inventors Syndicate (Television Programme)
Voice Activated Password Computer
House Wind Turbine
Independent Door Opening
Sim Card Holder
Oven Heat Dispense Bar
Roof Registration Number
Egg Dish Cooker
Automatic Ironing Steam Wardrobe
Voice Password Activated Car
Motorway Segmentor
Survival Balaclava
Hygenic Cutlery Holder
Wire Divider
Bed Clips
Plunger Tube
The Copycat
Thermos Coaster
Voice Activated Password Television
Steamed Petrol Engine
Salt Cellar Mate
Salt Cleaning Agent
Carpet Dryer
Cd Jewel Case
Anal Faeces Extractor
Permanent Road Markings
Voice Activated Id Cards
Nappy Clean
Helping Hands
Drainer Stand
Hidden Camera In A Speaker
Multi Purpose Grabber
Dyed Pritt Stick
Dyed Wallpaper Paste
Dyed Super Glue
Hair Gel Sachet
Insect Capture Cone
Water Travel Car
Pocket Scissor Holder
Holographic Television
Stadium Sun Reflector
Hostile Response Helicopter
Disposable Flooring
Bulk Supermarket
Plastic C.D. Presenter
Bin Bag Tie Strap
Bus Passenger Navigation
Four Handled Shopping Bag
Personalised Sat Nav
Flood Remover
Door Slam Stop
Coin Cash Point
Rapid Lazor Bomb Destroyer
Metal Plate (Oven To Table)
Parachute Umbrella
Spout Bandage
Break Reminder Band
Vibration Activated Security Camera
You Must Be Joking (Game)
Laptop Chill Out Screen Cover/Dust Preventer
Personal Hi Fi Headphone Restraint
Corn On The Cob Container
Safety Escape (Collapsible Trampoline)
Chopping Board Clean Me Clip
T.V. To Jukebox Alternater
Virtual Washing Machine
Peel Signs
Teabag Sugar Reminder Label
Pillow Stay/ Headboard Cover
Dog Relief Stop
Transparant Ink Cartridge
Printer Sound Deadener Mat
Satellite Air Traffic Control
Laser Beam Golf Ball Spot
Air Conditioning Door Curtain
Traffic Island Large Vehicle Auto Drop
Plastic Shredder
Space Craft
De Icer Magnets
Flying Saucer
Toilet Floor Dryer
Dual Shower/Dryer
Letter Box Alert
Shoe Pebble Grid
Work Surface Tray (Clean Away)
Mixer Tap With Hot Air
Keyboard Table Mate !
Auto Clean Shelving Supermarket
Input Alarm
Bike Alert (In Car)
Electric Road (Overhead Mesh)
Video Jukebox Touch Screen Tables Using Wireless Technology.
Bin Fresh (Liquid)
Remote Control Computer
Private Cinema
Backscatter Monitor Rooms Hospital
Web Radio
Pay Bollards
Audio Speak Auto Shut Off Car
Bed Laptop Holder
Barcode Mail Delivery
Shower Dryer/Sauna
Hospital Bed To Theatre Tray.
Magnetic Rotoarary Door
21st Century Toilet
Dual Computer Screen Ideal For Playing Games With Someone.
Text A Bus
Smello Cinema
Always’s Busses
Computer Voice Recognition Password
Post Draws
Joke Musical Doorbell For Instance ‘Leave Me Alone’ By Michael Jackson.
Ice Cube Tree
Unstealable T.V.
Security & Weather Curtain Cashpoint.
Fork In Knife
Heat Sensor That Lights Up Just Above The Radiator