Inventivate is a company run by serial inventor Noel Taylor.

One of Noel’s main inventions is ‘The Rolling Container’, invented mainly for LEDC’s and developing Third World countries. It can be used in upto & including 102 different ways. Especially as a transportable water container that can travel over any terrain imaginable

The ‘Wireless Electric ‘Drop Slab’ Road’ is where a D.C. current is induced onto a vehicle wirelessly when a vehicle goes over drop slabs on the road causing an electrical charge. The vehicle battery size can be reduced by up to 80%.

His latest foray is into the ‘Water Less Methane Toilet’ which is a vacuum-operated toilet which works by the human waste going into a disposable container at the base of the toilet where the methane gasses are extracted and transported to a power station via suction.

Noel also has a list of 30 ‘Inventions That Anyone Can Do’. Also, there is a list of 138 inventions (as a disclaimer, some could have been invented elsewhere, unbeknownst to Noel Taylor).

‘Paradise Earth’ in detail.

Everyone would be self-sufficient.
To begin with, Paradise Earth will be for rich people. Their surplus money will be shared.
Everybody will have a white mansion house with solar panels & backup batteries.
10 acres of desert land would be required.
Urine will be put in bottles & shipped into the desert to water vegetation.
Human & animal waste would be put in sand to form soil for farming.
A tennis court will be provided.
Cattle and work sheds would be needed.
People will live for hundreds of years.
Everything will be transported by helicopter
A private one acre oasis would be in each plot.
There will be no injury’s or illnesses & no depression.
I Lord Jesus Christ proclaim it.

1/ No more crime.
2/ No more time.
3/ No more dime.
4/ No more work.
5/ No more pollution.
6/ No more police.
7/ No more politics.
8/ No more religion.
9/ No more recycling.
10/ No more hate.


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